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    Drugs and Smoking – Life with Diabetes

    Drugs My son was told that people with diabetes should not use Betnovate cream because it contains steroids. Is this true and why? It is best to avoid using powerful steroid creams such as Betnovate unless there is a serious skin condition. Very often a weak steroid preparation or some bland ointment is just as […]

    Interview: Treatment of diabetes without insulin

    Today we present you the continuation of our surveys made for the treatment of diabetes, in particular insulin or without him. INJECTIONS OTHER THAN INSULIN My doctor tells me that there is a new treatment for diabetes, which has to be given by injection but can help me lose weight. I have always resisted insulin […]

    Interview: Treatment of diabetes with insulin

    Today we have an interview with a Canadian university professor Laurentian University and the theme will be – treatment of diabetes with insulin. Let’s talk about how to do injections, how often, and so on. Read more in the interview.  TIMING My practice nurse would like me to try a new long-acting insulin but tells […]