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    Sleep and Men’s Health

    Snoozing is not losing There are many of us who would love to never sleep. It’s nice to imagine everyone taking advantage of the nighttime hours without feeling weariness to relax or work more, do away with pesky biorhythms and adopt a free-flowing schedule. However, there is a good reason why we spend a third […]

    The messengers of time: hormonal changes impact under the microscope

    Men in their prime often overlook or, perhaps, just do not want acknowledge that mental and physical changes occur in the body and they collide with rapid exhaustion, irritation or nervousness more and more often. Their physical strength is reduced, body weight often increases, while muscle mass is drained. The appearance is also undergoing significant […]

    Taking Viagra After a Heart Attack

    There are few health problems as dreaded as the heart attack. Occurring suddenly, this acute condition puts your life at great risk, so it is only natural that people would want to prevent it from happening. To better understand heart attacks and their effects, you should know that this is not a randomly occurring condition […]

    Health&Care Mall Interview: Dr. Alan Lynch on Teen Sleep Problems

    Sleep problems are the most common disorders among teens caused by various factors. Talking to Dr. Alan Lynch, current pediatrician at Stanford HealthCare specializing in sleep disorders in teenagers, we’ll try to understand what there is behind the problem that affects nearly one-third of adolescents this or that way. Dr. Lynch, thank you very much […]

    Canadian Health&Care Mall: Where’s the Health in HealthCare Reform?

    Article by: Canadian Health&Care Mall Team The US healthcare system is in a serious crisis these days because of rising costs that prevent many Americans from accessing affordable and quality medical services. It’s stifling the overall economic development, and there are endless difficulties doctors, patients and physicians have to face. That’s why the Affordable Care […]

    Canadian Health and Care Mall Company

    Canadian Health and Care Mall is an online pharmacy service that offers customers a multitude of products, with the main focus being on male enhancement and potency drugs. We are a relatively young company with a solid record of accomplishment. Since our founding, we have shipped hundreds of parcels to just as many locations, which […]

    10 Amazing facts about HealthCare

    There are a lot of well-known reasons why any person should care about his or her health. The Canadian system of healthcare makes it an accessible and easy task. However, there are still those who remain quite skeptical about a lot of doctor’s recommendations due to various reasons. Thus, we decided to offer you 10 […]

    What May Cause Depression and Anxiety: At Length and in Detail

    Both depression and anxiety are two most common disorders of mental nature which are now so widespread that by the end of the century there probably will be no person that would have ever been affected by any of these conditions. In most cases (in fact, in all), there is no single underlying cause; usually, […]

    Top Videos about Generic Medications on Youtube

    This article continues our series of video collections dedicated to generic pharmaceuticals. The topic of generic drugs is covered by individual bloggers and CBS-caliber channels. Every week we gather the most nutty videos from the web, and this time we are starting with YouTube; from hot news, FAQs to major events of today and past. […]

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Health Threats Worldwide

    This article does not aim at scaring or adding more panic to our stressful life. On the contrary, it is aimed at health improving lifestyle promotion as well as provides helpful medical solutions for healthy well-being. Besides, it is always better to be informed about potential threats and prevent them than suffer from the consequences. […]