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    Inforgraphic: The latest Viagra consumption trends: US geography in focus

    The state of California records for the biggest rate of Viagra prescriptions and sales, making up 13% of the entire domestic sales volume according to the report published at CanadianHealthCareMalll.Com in october 2014. The other 10 states where Viagra is in high demand are New York, with 9%, Texas and Florida with 8% each, Illinois, […]

    Infographics: HealthCare industry

    Hello dear readers of our blog, On 3 April, and then the summer is getting closer! You have already frozen ?! it is not? Well, then let’s get to the subject of today’s infographic. It’s about the health system in the United States. Agree that the health care industry is very grown over the past […]

    Vision problems? See our infographic!

    Vision problems? See our infographic! Main problems: Good Good afternoon, friends, readers and customers! Today we talk about a very important topic, especially for those who spend a lot of time on the computer or other technical devices with a screen. Each of you, I’m sure many hours a day sitting at a computer, phone […]

    Infographics: Depression Without Pills – Tips Canadian Health and Care Mall

    Depression Without Pills – Tips Canadian Health and Care Mall. Good afternoon, and it is again heading infographic from Canadian Health and Care Mall, and today we will talk about a very important and common topic in today’s world – about depression. As statistics show, and our infographics – 2 out of 10 Americans treat […]

    Infographic: What you do not know about McDonald’s

    What you do not know about McDonald’s This is again heading infographic, and this time we did a great job to show you attention – a fact that you did not know about McDonald’s! Yes, a time of global hatred of this amazingly successful company for the sale of junk food! The company, which is […]

    Infographics: Stress in everyday life, Impact on people

    Every day, people living in the city or in dangerous countries – exposed to stress. Everywhere. In traffic jams, in dangerous situations, at work and even at home. Stress can be of different types – a traumatic, emotional, physical, and so on. For example, a list of the most stressful jobs: – Military – Fire […]

    Infographics: Passive smoking

    Probably many of you have encountered a similar phenomenon. Smokers tend not particularly mindful of the surrounding people, so passive smoking may be for you a pretty big problem. Often, it is even more dangerous than smoking itself. Therefore, it is important that every smoker saw this infographic and thought about other people. Canadian Health&Care […]

    Infographics: What to do if you are infected with the Ebola virus?

    Travelers who come from countries where Ebola virus progresses, gave some tips on what to do if you are already infected with the virus. All the steps you can see on infographics, and here are some of them: 1). Check the temperature of the body every day, if it exceeds 38 degrees Celsius – to […]