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    Canadian Viagra Types: What Is the Difference and How to Make the Right Choice?

    Being one of the most popular approved and respected drugstores Canadian Health&Care Mall strives to help those suffering from erectile dysfunction. All the Viagra types, from the original to brand, help to increase male’s potency, though there are several slight differences among Canadian Viagra, Viagra Super force, Viagra Professional, Viagra Super active+ and Viagra Brand […]

    Top Videos about Generic Medications on Youtube

    This article continues our series of video collections dedicated to generic pharmaceuticals. The topic of generic drugs is covered by individual bloggers and CBS-caliber channels. Every week we gather the most nutty videos from the web, and this time we are starting with YouTube; from hot news, FAQs to major events of today and past. […]

    Aspirin and Health Risks It May Cause When Consumed Often

    According to Canadian Health Care Mall pharmaciest team: Aspirin is mostly known for its mild to moderate pain relief, anti-inflammatory and fever reduction properties. Additionally, it is also known as the medication commonly used (in small doses) for prevention of acute heart conditions. Every day millions of people worldwide take aspirin. If taken as prescribed […]

    The Healthcare system

    This article tells you about the statistics in the field of medicine in the United States and beyond. Let’s just get down to business. The healthcare system Health no shortage of frightening statistics about the US spending on health sphere. Here are some figures are “Express Skripts” – 13%. Exactly as increased investment of US […]

    Health&Care: Antihormones

    Antihormones Agonists of GnRH Agonists of GnRH are a recently introduced novel class of compound with many applications in gynaecology and the treatment of hormonedependent tumours. They act by binding to pituitary receptors at the site where naturally occurring GnRH would normally attach. Initially they mimic the effect of GnRH and stimulate the production of […]

    Androgens: Testosterone and male contraception

    Androgens Testosterone and male contraception A World Health Organization task force repor ed in 1990 on the treatment of 271 fertile men with 200 mg testosterone enanthate by weekly intramuscular injection as a contraceptive method. Two thirds became azoospermic within a mean time of 120 days. Once azoospermia had persisted for 1 year, the mean […]

    Reproductive effects of antiepileptic drugs

    Reproductive effects of antiepileptic drugs Effect on hormones A large number of epileptic patients are treated with more than one antiepileptic drug at a time. Many of the studies assessing the influence of medication have not been able to correlate effects with specific drugs or, if they have, only a few patients have been available […]

    Tyrosine hydroxylase inhibitors

    Tyrosine hydroxylase inhibitors Metirosine Metirosine is mainly used in patients with phaeochromocytoma and is not recommended for use in essential hypertension. The manufacturer’s data sheet lists impotence and failure of ejaculation as possible side effects, but this may be related to the sedative effects of this drug. Calcium-channel blockers Calcium antagonists such as nifedipine and […]

    Special-topic “Medicine”: Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism

    In this article we will explore this topic as deeply as possible. We will try to publish more such articles as we believe will be of interest to many doctors and profound study the details in the medical field and the field of diseases in general. Prophylaxis with warfarin significantly, and cost-effectively, reduced the incidence […]