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    The messengers of time: hormonal changes impact under the microscope

    Men in their prime often overlook or, perhaps, just do not want acknowledge that mental and physical changes occur in the body and they collide with rapid exhaustion, irritation or nervousness more and more often. Their physical strength is reduced, body weight often increases, while muscle mass is drained. The appearance is also undergoing significant […]

    Ten Tips for Better Male Performance in Bed

    How to be the best sexual partner & perform outstandingly? Males always may want to improve their sexual functions to keep making their partners or simply themselves happy. There’re many of pills for improving erectile disorder on the market like Viagra, but you may in addition require few professional advices on the way to keep […]

    Viagra, Levitra and Cialis: Compare and Choose with Canadian Health and Care Mall

    Erectile dysfunction is a disorder, which affects millions of men all across the world and can significantly lower the quality of life. Fortunately, there are several drug options on the market, which can be used to treat this extremely uncomfortable disorder, the most effective of which are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. All of these oral […]

    A comprehensive guide on Erectile Dysfunction pills administration

    Thousands of men make their choice in favor of this or that erectile dysfunction preparation basing on the administration regimen. If you are planning to take advantage of such approach, you will certainly appreciate our comprehensive guide on how to take the most popular ED pills. We have gathered the recommendations on how to use […]

    Canadian HealthCare Pharmacy: How Viagra Works In Healthy Males?

     To use or not to use? That’s the question the legendary pill raises predominantly in a younger group of potential consumers. A better part of them has never collided with erectile dysfunction issues. But the young and hungry oftentimes live quite busy sex lives, and even when everything is going well, the idea of at […]

    Diagnosis, classification and therapy development for human prostate cancer

    Introduction Prostate cancer has remained a mysterious disease in terms of its etiology, biological and genetic basis, natural history, clinical presentation and progression. Substantial controversies exist about issues such as screening, diagnosis and treatment. Research into the molecular basis of prostate cancer has revealed numerous clues to the disease process, but definitive solutions to clinical […]

    About Tadalafil and Vardenafil

    Tadalafil (Cialis™) Tadalafil is a novel PDE-5 inhibitor developed by the biotechnology company ICOS Corp. in Bothell, USA. Meanwhile, the drug has attained an approval letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and its marketing is expected in the second half of 2003 in the USA, whereas in Europe the drug was approved just […]

    Assessment of sexual function in prostate cancer patients

    Assessment of sexual interest/function in prostate cancer patients An accurate assessment of the changes in sexual interest and function following the different treatment options for advanced prostate cancer and how patients feel about these changes is necessary, so that patients and their physicians may select the treatment that best meets the patients’ needs. However, the […]

    Sexual function before and after radical retropubic prostatectomy: a prospective analysis

    Dear readers, We have done a great job and analysis. This study showed us a lot of things you probably did not know before. We look forward to you would be interested! Introduction Radical prostatectomy has been associated with a loss of sexual potency in the majority of cases, owing to injury to the autonomic […]

    Vaginal Candidosis Causes And Treatments: Canadian Health Care Mall Review

    Vaginal Candidosis Causes And Treatments: Canadian Health Care Mall Review Troubles in the vulva region is a common reason why women seek out medical attention. The symptoms may be secondary to pathology higher up in the genital organs or general diseases, but the most common is that the disease is primary in the vulva. The […]