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    Drugs and Smoking – Life with Diabetes

    Drugs My son was told that people with diabetes should not use Betnovate cream because it contains steroids. Is this true and why? It is best to avoid using powerful steroid creams such as Betnovate unless there is a serious skin condition. Very often a weak steroid preparation or some bland ointment is just as […]

    Tobacco: Effect on fertility

    Tobacco: Effect on fertility There have only been two large prospective studies looking at the chances of conception in couples in which the female partner is a smoker. The largest study to date included 4104 women who stopped using contraception in order to try to conceive. Howe et al. found a consistent trend of decreasing […]

    Infographics: Passive smoking

    Probably many of you have encountered a similar phenomenon. Smokers tend not particularly mindful of the surrounding people, so passive smoking may be for you a pretty big problem. Often, it is even more dangerous than smoking itself. Therefore, it is important that every smoker saw this infographic and thought about other people. Canadian Health&Care […]