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    Reproductive effects of antiepileptic drugs

    Reproductive effects of antiepileptic drugs Effect on hormones A large number of epileptic patients are treated with more than one antiepileptic drug at a time. Many of the studies assessing the influence of medication have not been able to correlate effects with specific drugs or, if they have, only a few patients have been available […]

    Interview: Treatment of diabetes with insulin

    Today we have an interview with a Canadian university professor Laurentian University and the theme will be – treatment of diabetes with insulin. Let’s talk about how to do injections, how often, and so on. Read more in the interview.  TIMING My practice nurse would like me to try a new long-acting insulin but tells […]

    Treatment by Plants

    There are plants that treat the most dangerous and hardly treated diseases. One, who does not know them, suffers. Therefore, we say that people suffer because of their ignorance. Study plants and their healing properties. There are herbs that replace even the most prominent surgeons – only if you know which they are and how […]

    Health Care Canadian News: Treatment by Water

    If you understood the properties of water, you would be able to treat all diseases by it. Water, by which you will treat yourself, must be absolutely clean. A big part of the human body is water. Many people suffer with lack of water in the body. Moisture, water is the reason for the warmth […]