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  • Causes of Premature Ejaculation and Its Treatment by Priligy

    Premature ejaculation (or PE) is a real nightmare for many men. Nowadays, this problem is quite common, so that many people encounter it in their sexual lives. There is an opinion that most men will experience it sooner or later. For some men, this medical condition comes and goes, while others can’t get rid of it. You should prevent it if it’s possible before the situation gets worse. PE occurs when men ejaculate too fast during their sexual activity. It causes a lot of stress and disappointment, both physical and emotional problems. It’s also determined as sex that lasts less than 2 minutes.

    4 Common PE Causes

    Causes of Premature Ejaculation and Its Treatment by Priligy

    They are not fully understood, but most of them have a psychological nature. For example, depression, daily stress, anxiety and other emotional problems are closely linked to premature ejaculation. If you think that you have it, go to see your doctor who will ask basic questions about your sexual backgrounds, stress levels, personal relationships and others to determine its underlying cause. Let’s discuss the most common ones:

    1. Inability to control ejaculation. It can be caused by such medical conditions as hypothyroidism and prostate diseases.

    2. Anxiety, stress or personal worries are also responsible for developing PE. For young men this condition improves as your sexual experience increases.

    3. Lack of focus. If you are not focused, your body may not do what you want. Your focus can be decreased by lack of sleep or everyday stress. When you don’t sleep well, you have less control over your body organs.

    4. Nerves can result in PE too. When you feel overly excited or nervous, you don’t have enough control over your body. Try to practice breathing techniques to reduce your heart rate and calm down.

    Available PE Treatment Options

    You need to determine and eliminate the main cause of premature ejaculation to treat it effectively. Men use different methods as well as their combinations to solve this problem. They include inhalators, antidepressant meds, local anesthetic gels (such as lidocaine and benzocaine), “long love” condoms, healthy lifestyle changes and special drugs. The Maters-Johnson method is often chosen by couples, but it requires enough cooperation because they need to act according to the particular procedure. Other treatment methods, including antidepressants and nasal inhalators, are effective only at the initial stages.

    Patients should not use them for a long time because of their side effects, such as damaging the nervous system, for instance. Canadian Pharmacy www.canadianhealthcaremalll.com is happy to offer a possibility to buy and take Priligy, which is known as the medication used to postpone ejaculation. We have affordable prices, fast delivery services and other benefits. Priligy is taken to help men have satisfactory sex and forget about premature ejaculation for long. Now, it’s one of the best medications created for treatment of this unpleasant condition.

    Basic Questions about Priligy

    basic about priligy

    • What is this medication all about?

    It’s known as an effective SSRI. Dapoxetine is its active ingredient, and many men take these tablets to treat PE successfully. Increasing the period before ejaculating is the effect of Priligy. That’s why this med is a good option for men who suffer from this issue. It delays chemical reactions responsible for ejaculation by boosting serotonin levels. These pills are easy to take and they can help you last a few times longer. You can order Priligy in Canadian Pharmacy. It’s available as film-covered pills in 2 strengths: 30 mg and 60 mg.

    • How should I take it?

    Take 1 pill 1 hour before sex with or without food. Don’t mix it up with alcohol. It’s not allowed to take more than 1 pill within a 1-day period. Priligy is designed for men between 18 and 64 years old. Give it a try if you’ve had PE for more than 6 months. 30 mg is the right dosage if you start taking the medicine for the first time. However, talk to your healthcare provider before increasing it. Discuss this treatment after taking 6 doses or if you are planning to take these tablets for more than 6 months.

    • How does it work?

    The active ingredient of Priligy affects the action of chemicals (which encourage ejaculation) in your brain. This effect may last up to 12 hours, but it works best during the first few hours. In some cases men increase the duration of their sexual activity by 4 times.

    • Is it effective?

    Men can increase the time period between their erection and ejaculation. Most of them double and even triple it. However, this medication is not a long-term cure, which means it works only when you take it.

    • Who can take it?

    Priligy is recommended only for men whose ejaculation happens in less than 2 minutes. If you have heart diseases, faint often or take certain drugs, you shouldn’t choose this PE treatment. This risk group also includes patients with kidney and liver problems, low blood pressure, epilepsy, bleeding disorders, high eye pressure and dehydration.