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    Jeffrey, Indiana

    Jul 20, 2014

    Hi, I ordered my Cipro like four weeks ago. Any idea of when I am getting it? I was away for a while, and I sorta counted on its waiting for me for a postal pickup. Didn’t happen. Any advice? I’m not very happy about it. I ordered from you before two months ago, and it all went smooth.


    Canadian Health Care Mall Support

    Jul 21, 2014

    Hello, Jeffrey! We are sorry you did not get your order on time. However, we managed to get hold of the person responsible for the post dispatching in your city, and found out that the parcel never was delivered to your local post office in the first place. You should be getting your order within a couple of days now. Thanks for letting us know about the issue! The best of luck to you.


    Jeffrey, Indiana

    Jul 25, 2014

    Got my order half an hour ago with due apologies from the post office. Thanks for figuring out what was wrong. Cheers!

    Lindsay, Ontario

    Sep 19, 2014

    Hello dear team of Canadian Health Care Mall, I thught I’d drop by to let you know that I got my order and everything went just fine. I will be ordering from you again soon, so I count on a gross discount, lol. Lindsay M.


    Nov 5, 2014

    Dear CHCM team, thanks for helping me out in my moment of need, no less. I didn’t know whether I would be bale to receive my meds before going on vacation to Europe, so I counted on a speedy delivery. You guys did not fail me. Thanks a lot!

    Paul, Iqaluit

    Feb 12, 2015

    I am having problems with the delivery. Turns out I keep on getting my orders at a wrong address! The postal code is totally screwed up. I had to make several calls before I figured out what was wrong with the delivery. And then it took a few days for the post office to react. Turns out, receipt got my postal code wrong, I don’t see how that happened. I always double-check everything. What do I do now? I am happy with the prices you quote for the pills, but I surely don’t want this kind of stupid delay happen again.


    Canadian Health Care Mall Support

    Feb 12, 2015

    Hello Paul, thanks for letting us know what happened. To change your personal details, postal code included, you should write us by email, or make a phone call. Good luck!


    Sept 14, 2015

    If you are looking for quality meds provider – Canadian Healthcare Mall is your best option, just go for it. I’ve started buying ED pills from them and since they’ve expanded their lineup I purchase virtually all the drugs from this platform. Definitely, worthy of giving a try!


    Sept 16, 2015

    I love the way these guys do business – you get finest quality preparations from them and save heaps of money. After a couple of months I’ve switched to buying meds online at this store with the exception of minor stuff. Thanks!


    Sept 17, 2015

    Well, the first delivery took plenty of time, but as it came out, it was a typo that made me wait for so long… Fortunately, Jane Patrick, customer service assistant, has helped me out and the issue was resolved very quickly. And yes, the timely responses are really appreciated.


    Sept 17, 2015

    I’d love to say thanks for affordability. You never know when tough times come and generic pills can be your only alternative. That’s my case and I’m happy to know that I still have chances to combat my disease. Let success attend you in all your aspirations.


    Sept 19, 2015

    Canadian pharmacy was the only place I’ve managed to buy quality generic Viagra at a really juicy price – shopping experience you get here leaves nothing to be desired. I bet $100 this online drugstore beats your pharmacy around the corner in every aspect.


    Sept 20, 2015

    I’ve been buying meds from these guys for a couple of years and they’ve been good so far. I simply have no reason to seek for some other meds provider as my current status enables me to save 20% on each order. And the quality is there, so I’m fully satisfied with the way they work.


    Sept 21, 2015

    Getting lost in the jungles of ads and hot deals is easy. Don’t buy it. Get quality meds from reliable companies like Canadian Health&Care Mall (they are in online business for almost 2 decades). The lesson I’ve learned is that shopping for drugs online is a lottery and your health is at stake. I guess you are looking for solutions, not problems, so make wise decisions.


    Sept 21, 2015

    I’ve dropped in at Canadian Health & Care Mall drugstore quite accidentally and decided to give it a try. Well, that was totally positive experience, as the quality of generics they offer was way above the market’s average. I’ve been buying generic meds from this platform since 2012 by the way.


    Sept 22, 2015

    Shopping for drugs at Canadian Health Pharmacy is always a walk in the park – you get everything you need nicely structured and packed under one roof. Enjoy the quality and your save money – a decent store I highly recommend.


    Sept 23, 2015

    When you are shopping for drugs online you are looking for safety, efficiency and affordability. All the listed above components meet at Canadian Health and Care Mall. And yes, this company offers a comprehensive loyalty program that may sound weird… but it works and saves your money in the long run.


    Sept 25, 2015

    When you are shopping for drugs online you are looking for safety, efficiency and affordability. All the listed above components meet at Canadian Health and Care Mall. And yes, this company offers a comprehensive loyalty program that may sound weird… but it works and saves your money in the long run.


    Sept 25, 2015

    The unsurpassed shopping experience is something that makes this drugstore special – that’s the only online pharmacy in its kind. A generous to a fault rewards program in conjunction with stunning quality of meds and quick shipping… you will love the way it works.


    Sept 26, 2015

    I’ve been buying medications at Canadian Health and Care Mall for 2 years by now and I save 15% on each order regardless of the category already. I’m fully satisfied with the quality and yes, I recommend this drugstore to my friends. Thanks,


    Sept 27, 2015

    When you are shopping for meds online you should better not start from Google first pages (and honestly, it should not even be Google search). A friend of mine has dropped a link a couple of months ago and now I buy drugs from these guys. They are reliable and offer decent ‘price-value’ ratio, otherwise, I wouldn’t have put my health in jeopardy by purchasing stuff from a noname meds provider.


    Sept 27, 2015

    Well, there should be a really good reason to switch to another meds seller – I’m happy with CHCM Pharmacy so far as they are doing great in terms of quality and pricing model. Plus I save around $30 per month on medications with them, with no loss in effectiveness.


    Sept 28, 2015

    . I’m writing these words to HealthCare Pharmacy team to say thank you for resolving issues that quickly. I have placed a bulky order but it seems my personal discount code didn’t work… But the amount was credit to my account the same day in an hour or so, thank you so much!


    Sept 29, 2015

    Buying medications online has always seemed to be a risky affair to me… However, a friend of mine has convinced me I have nothing to worry about when buying drugs from Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy. And you know what, she was absolutely right – they are doing a good job!


    Oct 1, 2015

    I do love the way this drugstore works – I’m not even talking about the pricing model and the quality… even if you got stuck with something, the help will be there in a couple of minutes. That must be your best choice for sure.


    Oct 2, 2015

    My ED struggle was depleting my resources slowly, but steadily. And I was so lucky to find this drugstore – the local prices are going through the floor while the quality remains absolutely reasonable.


    Oct 2, 2015

    I recommend buying meds from Canadian Viagra Pharmacy as this is the only online drugstore I know that offers quality for reasonable money. Their lineup has significantly increased since the time I’ve made my first order, so it seems they are doing well and keep their promises.


    Oct 3, 2015

    This company stands out from the crowd with its attitude towards customers: while your order may not be shipped or email never replied, these guys have helped me twice to place an order as there was some issue on my end with my PC. They are so different against the background of those spammy websites. Keep on that way.


    Oct 3, 2015

    Canadian Pharmacy is the best online drugstore I’ve ever seen. They are diligent, reliable and responsible – throughout years of buying from them there was no single issue about it. This is the level of shopping experience you will be enjoying.


    Oct 6, 2015

    Canadian Health and care Pharmacy is not about spammy offers or groundless promises – this is the drugstore that is perfect all around. I highly recommend this platform as I don’t actually have some analog in mind offering this level of cost-effectiveness.


    Oct 8, 2015

    If you don’t know where to buy drugs online – make a choice in favour of Canadian Pharmacy Mall. Well, ok, their customer service is still not perfect, BUT at least you get your drugs safe and sound and their quality raises no questions. It’s a perfect alternative to those zillions of nameless medications providers.


    Oct 9, 2015

    It is good to know I have a relatively quick access to affordable medications just when I need it. Generic Canadian Pharmacy is the place where you can buy drugs even if you are running on a tight budget. Thanks for such a brilliant opportunity.


    Oct 10, 2015

    Canadian Pharmacy is the first place I’m heading to if there’s a need in this or that medication. You pay less, get all the goods delivered to your door and their quality is not inferior to costly branded medications. So why pay more?


    Oct 11, 2015

    That’s, perhaps, the best place to buy drugs at – Canadian Pharmacy offers a nice selection of medications and their prices are quite affordable. Given the unsurpassed quality of products and helpful support, I give this platform the highest mark. Thanks.


    Oct 14, 2015

    I’ve placed 2 order at Canadian Pharmacy and so far I’m fully satisfied with how it works. The prices are surprisingly low and it seems there’s no trick about it: the quality is good and delivery works like a clockwork.


    Oct 16, 2015

    Well, if you are puzzling over a choice of online drugstore, drop in at Canadian Generic Pharmacy and make your best choice. It’s a seasoned company, it was established in 2001 and they supply QUALITY goods.


    Oct 18, 2015

    Canadian Health&Care Mall came to the rescue several times. I was in acute need of a range of preparations after cardiac surgery and not only I’ve managed to find all the drugs at one place – the treatment was not that expensive.


    Oct 24, 2015

    I’ve been buying medications at Generic Pharmacy since 2001, and since then I’ve collided with the non-delivered package – that was the only case that was, by the way, resolved quickly. The entire amount of money was refunded plus I’ve got a personal 10% discount on my next order.

    http://www.canadianhealthcaremalll.com Thank You for choosing Us!