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  • Health Care Canadian News: Treatment by Water

    If you understood the properties of water, you would be able to treat all diseases by it. Water, by which you will treat yourself, must be absolutely clean.

    A big part of the human body is water. Many people suffer with lack of water in the body. Moisture, water is the reason for the warmth of the body. The lack of water cools the body. Too much water heats it. One has to live properly, use reasonably the energies, coming from the Sun for creating a healthy and pleasant atmosphere round people. If one lives well, he attracts to himself the flows that come from the Sun and forms an oasis – a source of life and powers.

    If you want any drugs, either as remedies, or means of cleaning, I would recommend the following: drink each day 2-3 liters of clean hot water. If you are up and about, carry water by yourself. Carrying of water is beneficial to the organism. Furthermore, take deep breaths to expand your lungs.

    Hot water, taken in sips, cleans the nervous system from deposits, which clog thoughts and feelings of people. It releases them from the tension that the nervous system establishes in them.treatment

    I say: the most powerful medicine in the world is hot water. And if we know where the best springs are, we shall bring it from there, even if they are at a distance of 5-10 km. Modern people do not know what power there is in water.

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    Modern people do not know how to drink water and how much. Each organism needs a certain amount of water that shall be contained in the cell to maintain its moisture. If the organism loses its moisture, it is exposed to drying. Such people are usually nervous, dry, and irritable. Without the internal moisture and the outside water, one cannot clean his organism from the external and internal deposits. If these deposits remain in the organism, they will cause undesirable diseases. If you want to be healthy, keep in your mind the thought of the beneficial effect of water on the organism. Drink water consciously and do not think about diseases. Keep in your mind the thought of your health, of the beauty and great things in life and do not be afraid of anything.

    Nature has put billions of windows in the human organism – the pores, through which the vital energy penetrates and constantly renovates it.  If the windows become dirty, if they get clogged by various deposits, the organism is already exposed to diseases. The pores of the body are opened by water, which causes sweating. Magic power hides in water – it cleans the body, dissolves sludge, and is a good conductor of magnetism.