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  • Infographic: What you do not know about McDonald’s

    What you do not know about McDonald’s

    McDonald's Infographic

    This is again heading infographic, and this time we did a great job to show you attention – a fact that you did not know about McDonald’s!

    Yes, a time of global hatred of this amazingly successful company for the sale of junk food! The company, which is always the first place among the competitors. It is as successful as Starbucks! McDonald continues to grow until now worldwide.

    Fortunately or not, but this year the sale of the company fell to the lowest in 15 years! What’s this? people’s love for healthy food? I would like to believe it. The war against obesity Michelle Obama – is bearing fruit, especially among children, and we think we need to continue to do so.

    Big test costs $ 9. With that money you can buy a lot of fruit, vegetables or healthy. And then the question arises – why do we prefer junk food instead of useful natural products ?! Consumer society and the herd mentality – that the answer to these questions. Too much advertising around, too little time for a quality meal.

    And now is the time to learn about McDonald’s anymore. See our infographic, sign up for Twitter or Facebook and keep up with news and events from CHCM!

    McDonald's Infographic 2