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  • Sildenafil Citrate information: Unique features, Side Effects & Tips

    What is Sildenafil Citrate used for?

    Sildenafil Citrate tabs

    Sildenafil Citrate is the chemical found in Viagra. It is an oral pill that is used in men with erectile dysfunction (learn more) (ED) in order to remove the symptoms of male impotence from the scene for a period of 4 hours. During this time, the patient will be able to achieve multiple erections if there is a need. The medicine will not take its effects unless the taker is exposed to sexual stimulation. Manufactured under its generic name of Sildenafil Citrate, the medicine is a full analogue of the famous Viagra pill with its effects, safety, application and dosages being identical to the its brand equivalent.

    Sildenafil Citrate can be only used by men with ED diagnosis. The drug should not be taken until the diagnosis has not been confirmed, or in order to increase stamina and to quick-start the libido. Sildenafil Citrate is only effective for restoring the erectile function, increasing the blood flow and giving ultimate control over duration of the sexual act. Erections achieved with the help of this medicine will last for as long as it is satisfactory for both partners and re-achieved shortly after ejaculation under condition of sexual arousal.

    What is unique about Sildenafil Citrate?

    Sildenafil Citrate

    In 1998 Sildenafil Citrate as a medicinal agent was introduced to the market under the brand name of Viagra. Ever since that time the medicine has been a booming success, as it had changed the way the game is played for persons suffering from ED. The substance has been well studied and proved to be safe, effective and reliable, with low adverse event profile. The only downside of brand Viagra was arguably its extremely high price. And this is exactly where generic Sildenafil Citrate has a one-up on its brand equivalent: its cost is approximately one tenth of the cost of the original pill.

    Another unique thing about Sildenafil Citrate is that the substance is so potent and its action is so precise and well-targeted, that it leaves other drugs of its class far behind. It is Sildenafil Citrate that is reported to be the most efficient in the majority of individuals. Its efficiency increases as the therapy continues, since the body adjusts to the effects of the drug with every new dose. Therefore it is recommended to allow for several intakes for the efficiency to reach its maximal capacity.

    How is Sildenafil Citrate taken?

    A minimal dose of Sildenafil Citrate 25mg is enough to produce effects, and some patients stop at that dose. However, it can be stepped up to sildenafil 50mg for an even more impactful application. The strongest dose of sildenafil 100mg is well tolerated by persons without contraindications and under the age of 65.

    Take a pill of Sildenafil Citrate with a glass of water an hour before you plan to engage sexually. Allow for 40-60 minutes to pass for the drug’s effects to set in. The exact onset time is hard to establish since it largely depends on many factors such as individual bodily response, intake timing, the time and the content of the last meal taken. The action of Sildenafil Citrate begins the moment the patient is exposed to any type of sexually stimulating factors. The medicine will not act as an aphrodisiac, creating sexual desire and boosting libido. It will, however, give you the ability to respond with hard and stable erections that are also controllable towards sexual stimulation.

    How does Sildenafil Citrate work?

    The chemical substance known as Sildenafil Citrate belongs to the group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) is an enzyme that promotes rigidity of blood vessel walls. This phenomenon is known as vasoconstriction. By inhibiting cGMP specific PDE5 (the type of PDE5 that is sensitive to the effects of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, so as not to affect other types of PDE that are responsible for other bodily functions, e.g., visual perception), Sildenafil Citrate contributes to the opposite process of vasodilation. This makes the blood vessels able to absorb maximal amount of blood and hold it within, which is in essence all it takes for a stable erection to occur. After ejaculation, the vasodilatory effect subsides and so does the erection. After a shortened recovery pause, the patient is ready to recommence sexual activity, responding to sexual stimuli with erection.

    Sildenafil Citrate contraindications

    In certain cases it is not advisable to take Sildenafil Citrate. Some medical conditions are established to be incompatible with inhibitors of PDE5, including Sildenafil Citrate. Age over 65 is not a contraindication per se, but caution is advised in dosages and general handling. It might be dangerous for the heart health to engage in any physically strenuous activity.

    Check with your prescriber if Sildenafil Citrate can be safely used in your individual condition. Below you will find a list of sildenafil contraindications which is, however, incomplete and needs to be expanded by your prescriber. Do not take Sildenafil Citrate in case you have any of the following conditions:

    • Sickle cell disease;
    • Peyronie’s disease (inherited penile deformity);
    • Priapism (predisposition for prolonged or painful erections);
    • Cardiac disease;
    • Stroke history within the past 6 months;
    • Leukemia;
    • Stomach or duodenum ulcer;
    • Low blood tension;
    • Kidney insufficiency;
    • Liver disease.

    Sildenafil Citrate and other drugs

    Sildenafil Citrate compatibility with other drugs should be verified when you talk to your prescriber. Inform them about the medicines you are currently taking, including all of prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and food supplements that you plan to be using simultaneously with your sildenafil preparation.

    Pharmacological incompatibilities of sildenafil are mostly based on its vasodilating characteristics. Expansion of blood vessels brings on the drop in blood pressure. Logically, this makes Sildenafil Citrate incompatible with other drugs that have similar effects, in particular, with drugs containing nitrates. Such drugs are used to treat chest pain (angina) and are available either in tablet form or in a form of sprays. Nitrates can be also found in other type of drugs commonly referred to as ‘poppers’. Such drugs are used recreationally. Consult your doctor for adjustment or reconsideration of Sildenafil Citrate use in case you are taking nitrate containing drugs therapeutically.

    Sildenafil Citrate side effects

    Like any other medical tool, Sildenafil Citrate can produce both beneficial and adverse effects. The good news is that the secondary effects of sildenafil had been thoroughly studied in vitro and in vivo before the medicine became available to public, and since it has been around for more than 17 years now, the risk of unexpected long-term effects converges to zero.

    Another upside is that Sildenafil Citrate side effects are all short-lived and disappear altogether in the majority of patients as the therapy continues. If, however, you experience insignificant side effects of sildenafil that are bothersome or persistent, talk to your doctor about it. A dose change might be advised in that case. Grave side effects of sildenafil are extremely rare. If you experience any of those, immediately discontinue the use of the drug and seek medical help at once.

    Mild side effects of Sildenafil Citrate:

    • Migraine, headache;
    • Light-headedness;
    • Nausea;
    • Change of color perception;
    • Diarrhea;
    • Dyspepsia;
    • Upset stomach;
    • Hives, skin rash;
    • Flushing of the face.

    Grave side effects of Sildenafil Citrate:

    • Difficulty breathing;
    • Pain in the chest (angina);
    • Pain in the arm;
    • Prolonged (lasting longer than 4 hours) or painful erection;
    • Swelling of lips;
    • Swelling of the face.

    The lists are incomplete. It is recommended to consult your practitioner in case of any extraordinary events when you take Sildenafil Citrate. The majority of adverse effects occur in overdose.

    Sildenafil Citrate maximal benefits tips

    Taking Sildenafil Citrate at its maximal dose is not recommended for a number of reasons. First of all, it will heighten the risk of side effects. Next, it might be an overkill and a set-back for those whose symptoms are categorized as mild. And finally, you will save considerably if you split every maximal dose in two takings. The effects of each half of a sildenafil 100mg tablet are reported to last during 4 hours and be comparable in strength to those of a whole pill. This is due to the fact that sildenafil 50mg is an almost universally effective and is administered for the majority of patients.

    Do not have grapefruit or grapefruit juice before taking Viagra or before the onset of its action occurs. The agents contained in this fruit impede the process of absorption of the medicinal substance into the blood flow. This will slow down the onset and minimize the effects of the drug. It is for the same reason that you should not take the medicine after a heavy meal, especially with an elevated content of fat. Take a pill of Sildenafil Citrate after a snack, a light meal or on an empty stomach for maximal effects. Alcohol is also better not matched with sildenafil.

    The capacity of the drug improves exponentially as you continue taking it over a long period of time. It gets significantly better already with the second pill, and the effects grow stronger as you go.

    Where can I buy Sildenafil Citrate?

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