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  • Sources of ED Introduction: Part 1

    To introduce us to the various Sources of ED we need to briefly look at what happens to get your Dick erect. This is going to get a bit technical but there is no alternative to becoming aware of what actually happens. We are going to get into a lot more detail on this in Step 5 on how an erection happens but for now, in simplest terms, note the 3 necessary steps to get your Dick erect:

    1. Sexual stimulation from the brain or from physical stimulation around your Dick through your brain is communicated through the nervous system to your Dick’s tissue and blood vessels.

    2. The nerves supplying your Dick’s tissue/blood vessels release Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a gas molecule which causes another cell molecule called cGMP to make the surrounding tissue relax. It does this in the lining of your Dick’s blood vessels (called the endothelium).

    3. As the internal tissues relax they expand to allow blood flow into tiny blood sacs called sinusoids. These sacs fill up and engorge your Dick. They also push against his internal wall to restrict the veins that normally take blood out…and shazam! Your Dick gets erects.