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  • Sources of ED Introduction: Part 3

    The psychological source of ED may throw you out a bit. You may well think does this mean your Dick is sometimes nuts? Psychologically based ED is not a put-down. The phrase is applicable simply when your ED is being influenced by your ideas, attitudes, beliefs, experience and other nonphysical attributes or what I like to call mental baggage you bring to a sex encounter. Hooray, you may now think, he is not nuts after all. But wait until you meet a couple of guys hanging around just below him. They’re definitely nuts and sometimes a real source of ED. More later.

    The majority of men suffer from both sources as physical sources feed psychological sources. It’s hard to distinguish between the two contributors but as a rule of thumb, if you never get an erection, then it is physical and if you sometimes get an erection then it could be psychological and/or physical. Confused? Well, just think of how your Dick is interconnected with you, all your systems whilst also trying to connect with the sex encounter partner. It’s complicated! Or, as we have previously simplified: it is between your legs, your ears and your partner.

    Apart from a simple Physical and Psychological categorisation we can drill a bit deeper and relate to other terms you may come across that affect the blood flow to your Dick:

    – Organic: anything physical: for example, diabetes, kidney disorders, heart conditions including hypertension, atherosclerosis, cholesterol problems, presence of prostate cancer or prostate treatment, Peyronie’s disease, hormonal imbalances, drugs taken to treat other conditions and others…..

    – Neurogenic: nerve related: involving the central nervous system or peripheral nervous system, from stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis.

    – Psychogenic mental or emotional: such as depression, anxiety, and a lack of self-confidence….

    It’s important to note again that there is no formal known test to diagnose ED and therefore help pinpoint the source. To effectively treat your ED condition it’s crucial to review all the symptoms and identify all the sources.

    It may sound like a bit of a smorgasbord for now and Mr ED loves a smorgasbord but, don’t get discouraged. I have set out the self diagnosis in 2 easy steps.