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  • Top Videos about Generic Medications on Youtube

    Top Videos about Generic Medications Videos on Youtube

    This article continues our series of video collections dedicated to generic pharmaceuticals. The topic of generic drugs is covered by individual bloggers and CBS-caliber channels. Every week we gather the most nutty videos from the web, and this time we are starting with YouTube; from hot news, FAQs to major events of today and past. So let’s roll.

    Generic drugs blocked from entering market

    This story has started with a tweet from and an alert that the tactics some pharmaceutical companies use are aimed to keep patients taking expensive brand-name drugs instead of cheaper generic versions. 54-year-old Michael Hitchens from Maryville Tennessee has early onset dementia and says he is held by Alzheimer’s medication called Namenda. The drugs can go generic next year, but Forest Laboratories the company that makes Namenda plans to stop the sale of the generic version six months before expensive generic product could become available. The company is telling doctors to transition patients to a newer form one that has additional patent protection and is unlikely to go generic for years…

    Current issues in generic drugs

    The video focuses on the bioequivalence aspects of generic drugs and original medications. This is a professional one, you will not often see around the web. The interview video participants are Terrence Blaschke, Professor at Stanford University and Robert Lionberger, Director of the FDA Research Department. The topics of regulation and scientific research become the focus of the video.

    Generic Drugs, Once a Cheaper Option, Now Causing Sticker Shock

    This is the story about massive corporations accused of being driven by greed of breaking a huge profit while regular Americans suffer. This has to do with the medicines many of us need to survive and prices that are skyrocketed not by hundred percent or 200%, but 3,000% even 6,000%. So what’s going on with the pharmaceuticals? ABC’s Gloria Riviera investigation sheds light on the huge events. This is also a story about Tricias Elysée, an average American fighting with her diseases and looking to stay strong in the time of raging prices.

    Senator Warren Asks About Generic Drug Prices & FDA Oversight

    This is a big one – Senator Warren is sharing her position and answers tricky questions on FDA policy and touches the topic of increasing prices on generic medications. The FDA oversight is questioned by the Senator, Mr. Warren recollects the testimonies of FDA given in the past on the strict control the agency practicing. The video focuses on a lengthy process, but has all the vital questions and answers cut in a 7 minute video.

    Generic Injectables: Making Quality Drugs More Accessible

    Imagine that a doctor could provide a critical life-saving medication including antibiotic and cardiovascular drugs in the hospital for about the same cost as a gallon of milk jars peanut butter or a latte. Good news there’s nothing imaginary about such drugs – this a reality for thousands of hospital patients every day. In fact about 70% of patients receive a form of generic therapy while in hospital. Of course generic injectable medications have to provide the same high quality and reliability we expect from an application but they also need to be slightly accessible the process of manufacturing generic injectable drugs is a police stringent manufacturing and more expensive brand name counterparts to fully appreciate the benefits of generic injectables. However, it’s important to understand what it takes to create them…