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    • Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer Part 2

      What Causes High Blood Pressure The exact cause of high blood pressure is unknown. There is often no single cause and it is thought to be due to a combination of many different factors. High blood pressure often runs in families. It is not due to being nervous or highly strung. Firstly, the ageing process itself can cause the blood vessels to become less elastic and flexible and more hard or rigid. This loss of elasticity in the blood vessel walls can cause the pressure of blood going through them to go up. It is not ageing per se but rather ageing of the blood vessels that causes this hardening and resultant increase in pressure. This hardening of the blood...

    • Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer part 1

      What Is High Blood Pressure? High blood pressure is when your blood pressure reading is higher than what is considered acceptable for good health. It may be indicated by a raised systolic blood pressure reading, a raised diastolic blood pressure reading, or both. As blood pressure readings can vary throughout the day, a once-off raised reading is not of any major significance. However, repeated raised blood pressure readings, ideally averaged over a 24-hour period using a 24-hour blood pressure monitor, can easily indicate high blood pressure. How Common is lt? High blood pressure is very common and is one of the leading risk factors for heart disease and stroke in the Western world. It can affect up to one in...

    • Sources of ED Introduction: Part 3

      The psychological source of ED may throw you out a bit. You may well think does this mean your Dick is sometimes nuts? Psychologically based ED is not a put-down. The phrase is applicable simply when your ED is being influenced by your ideas, attitudes, beliefs, experience and other nonphysical attributes or what I like to call mental baggage you bring to a sex encounter. Hooray, you may now think, he is not nuts after all. But wait until you meet a couple of guys hanging around just below him. They're definitely nuts and sometimes a real source of ED. More later. The majority of men suffer from both sources as physical sources feed psychological sources. It's hard to distinguish...

    • Sources of ED Introduction: Part 2

      So, an erection is ultimately a blood vessel (called ‘vascular’) event and it depends upon the balance between arterial blood inflow and venous blood outflow. Simply put, when the inflow is low and outflow balances it, your Dick is flaccid, but when inflow increases and outflow is restricted, he erects. This insight into the Nitric Oxide cause of the blood inflow into your Dick was identified by a trio of brilliant researchers at UCLA: Lou J. Ignarro, Robert F. Furchgott and Ferid Murad. These guys identified the relaxation in penile tissue caused by the release of Nitric Oxide through cCMP in the lining of penile blood vessels. We all owe Lou et al. a huge thank you for putting ED...

    • Sources of ED Introduction: Part 1

      To introduce us to the various Sources of ED we need to briefly look at what happens to get your Dick erect. This is going to get a bit technical but there is no alternative to becoming aware of what actually happens. We are going to get into a lot more detail on this in Step 5 on how an erection happens but for now, in simplest terms, note the 3 necessary steps to get your Dick erect: 1. Sexual stimulation from the brain or from physical stimulation around your Dick through your brain is communicated through the nervous system to your Dick’s tissue and blood vessels. 2. The nerves supplying your Dick’s tissue/blood vessels release Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide...

    • Canadian Condoms: getting it on

      Condoms tips Take care of your condoms. Keep them stored in a cool, dry place. Heat or sunlight can damage them. Many women favour the zip compartments in purses and men tend to keep one in their wallets. Don’t keep them together with your nail clippers! If you are embarrassed by going into the drug store to buy condoms Canadian Health Care Mall, you can also buy them online or by mail. It is easy to find sources online. Be aware that if you are using a library computer for internet access, they may have a family filter that will block you accessing these sites. If so, ask a friend. Some resources are also provided at the end of this...

    • Hepatitis B in Canada

      Hepatitis B deserves its place among the STDs. Several million cases occur every year in both developed and undeveloped countries as a result of sexual transmission. Hepatitis B is caused by a virus and is transmitted from one person to another by infected body secretions. Once infection occurs, the incubation period can be anywhere from four weeks to six months. However, a blood test may be positive as soon as two weeks after being exposed to the virus. Hepatitis B is not an insignificant illness. Russell didn’t know that he was infected until about four months after his marriage to Nell. They had been intimately involved for several years, but Russell had maintained other relationships with both men Buy Cialis...

    • Infections in Canada: bugs, bumps, drips and itches

      We’ll spend most of this chapter talking about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), since not only is Dick directly involved in transmitting most of these, but the penis is often the first site of infection. Unhappily, despite intense campaigns aimed at safe, or safer sex, millions of people every year contract one or more of these, the vast majority because they have had unprotected sex with more than one partner, or their partner has done so. We can’t emphasise too strongly the message of our chapter on condoms — no glove, no love! But, you say, aren’t most of these trivial infections that can be nipped in the bud these days with antibiotics? Isn’t it worth taking the risk if it...

    • Non-sexually transmitted infectious diseases of the penis

      Candida Candida, or thrush, is the cause of a great deal of recurring discomfort in women, and may be passed between sexual partners, but is not really considered a sexually transmitted disease - say not disease on Canadian Health Care Mall . A man may get a ‘yeast’ infection on the glans of his penis after having sex with an infected woman, but he is unlikely to pass this to further partners and it is usually readily treated by antifungal creams. A woman who is bothered by recurrent infections may be asked by her doctor to get her partner to apply one of these creams to the glans and shaft of his penis — this simply stops the poor woman...